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The Before & After School Programs are the perfect options for children in need of early morning and/or late afternoon supervised activities. Our programs include snack (ASP only), supervised homework completion, arts & crafts, outdoor play, games, and fun challenges. Click here for the After School and Before School Program invoice schedule

CAPS: If you're interested in using CAPS for ASP/BSP, you can find frequently asked questions, Provider ID numbers, and much more here

Holiday Camp is offered during school breaks, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for students to participate in unique activities and themes. The program gives parents peace of mind, knowing their children are well-cared for while school is out.

Summer Camp

Calling all thrill-seekers in the Metro-Atlanta area! You won't want to miss the most epic summer camp of the year! Brace yourselves for a sizzling hot summer of creativity, adventure, and non-stop fun with Marietta City Schools' Summer Camp in the City!

- Joint program of Cobb County Schools & Marietta City Schools 

- 30/6 Joshua's Law Course for teen drivers

- Programs are open to all teens ages 15 - 19, regardless of school or county affiliation

Online & In-person Joshua's Law classes

6-hour Behind-the-Wheel instruction for teen drivers

Additional Behind-the-wheel instruction opportunities

Driver's License Testing service

Driver's License Testing FAQs

Adult and Family Enrichment

NEW Holiday Classes just posted! 

See what fun pop-up classes we are now offering! 

Adult E-Learning Enrichment

We offer a wide variety of engaging online courses and career training programs allowing you to explore a passion, update your professional skills or satisfy a prerequisite for a degree program. You’ll learn from top instructors and enjoy a challenging curriculum tailored for online students. 

NEW Featured Programs

December 27 - 29 

9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

3rd - 6th Grade

December 27 - 29

9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

1st - 4th Grade


This service is available to teens ages 16 - 19 who are in need of refreshing their driving skills in preparation of taking the Driver's License Test. 

This 2.5 hours behind-the-wheel session will refresh the student's driving skill set as it specifically pertains to the Test as well as, help to relieve anxiety and stress over the test.

(The Driver's License Test is the on-the-road test needed for obtainment of the Class D or C Driver's License.)



The Georgia Driver's Education Commission is offering a scholarship opportunity that if awarded to your teen, will cover the full cost of a 30/6 Driver's Ed program. To be eligible, your teen must be between the ages 15 - 17  and hold a Driver's Permit.            

The scholarship CANNOT be used for our Online Course Package. It is only applicable for the 30/6 In-Person or Virtual Course Packages. Redemption of the scholarship must occur prior to the first day of the 30-hour class, no exceptions. To redeem your student's scholarship with our program, you must call 678-919-4492. Registration CANNOT be done online! Limited seats available per Course Package session and/or per scholarship expiration date. 

IMPORTANT! Refunds for previously purchased course enrollments cannot be issued if you are awarded a scholarship.  If you plan to apply for the GDEC scholarship, you should WAIT to enroll until after you have received notification that your scholarship application was accepted or denied. 

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