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Driver's License Testing

Did You Know?

You can take your driver's license test with us!

All Tests are conducted from the MCDE business office located at 368 Wright St, Marietta, GA 30064.


  • Student's will test in our driver training vehicle.
  • Purchase is nonrefundable and non transferable.
  • Registration is for the Test DAY only. Upon receipt of registration and required documentation, MCDE will assign your student to a specific time slot on the requested day.
  • Road Tests are scheduled in hourly increments between 8:30am - 3:30pm and are assigned first-come, first-served in time-order of available slots.
  • The registrant must achieve a minimum score of 75% to pass.
  • There is an additional fee of $30 if an appointment is rescheduled for any reason, at any time.
  • Test registrant is required to submit Test eligibility documentation by noon on Friday of the PREVIOUS week. If documentation is not received by the deadline, MCDE may be required to change the registrant's Test date to a future time when the documentation has been received and is verified. 
  • List of MCDE criteria documentation can be found here.

Marietta/Cobb Driver's Ed instructors, Examiners, staff and/or representatives cannot at any time, imply, indicate or guarantee that a registrant will receive a passing score on the Road Skills Test.

We now offer the Driver's License Test Prep course. This Prep course is a 2.5 hours behind-the-wheel session that is a refresher of those skills needed to successfully pass the Driver's License Test for obtainment of the Class D or C Driver's License. This course is normally $150 but if you purchase a Driver's License Test with our program first, you can save $25

(AFTER purchasing the Driver's License Test, you will receive a discount code within your receipt that will need to be used during the registration of the Driver's License Test Prep course to receive the discount.)


Driver's Ed Scholarship

The Georgia Driver's Education Commission is offering a scholarship opportunity, that if awarded to your teen, will cover the cost of our 30/6 Driver's Ed program. To be eligible, your teen must be between the ages 15 - 17 and hold a Driver's Permit.

The scholarship CANNOT be used for our Online Course Package. It is only applicable to the 30/6 In-Person or Virtual Course Packages. Redemption of the scholarship must occur prior to the first day of the 30-hour class, no exceptions. To redeem your student's scholarship with our program, you must call 678-919-4492. Limited seats available per Course Package session and/or per scholarship expiration date.


Includes: 30-Hour Joshua's Law class, 6-hours Behind-the-Wheel instruction and ADAP

30-hour class offered in-person or online

Upcoming Class Schedule

COST: $499

Includes: 6 hours one-on-one Behind-the-Wheel instruction in our specially equipped vehicles

We have two types of Extra Driving lessons: 

The Driver's License Test Prep session is for anyone who would like a refresher course over the skills needed to successfully pass the driver's license road test.

The Extra Driving Instruction session is available to anyone who would like extra time behind-the-wheel with a certified Driving Instructor. Extra Driving lessons are sold in two hour increments time.           

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Driver's License Testing is available to: 
Students aged 16 - 17 who have completed a 30-hour Joshua's Law class with any DDS certified school and have completed 6-hours in-car instruction with Marietta/Cobb Driver's Education.
* Students aged 18 and over 

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driver's license testing

Did you know? You can take the driver's license test with us!

Marietta/Cobb Driver’s Education

368 Wright Street

Marietta, GA 30064

(DT-120) and (TPT-120)