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Before School Program (BSP)

The Before School Program is the perfect option for children in need of early morning supervised activities. Our program includes quiet games, a reading corner, and much more. 

After School Program (ASP) 

The After School Program offers a variety of learning activities. Activities include games, crafts, technology, and more! There are also plenty of opportunities for Enrichment during this time. The after school program is only available for PreK- 5th grade There is not an After School Program for MSGA.  

Registration Information 

In order for students to attend the After School and Before School Programs, students MUST be registered in advance. In order to properly staff our programs and provide quality programming in the safest environment possible, we kindly request that you register as soon as possible if you anticipate using BSP or ASP at any time during the 2024-2025 school year.  Please know that it takes one business day to process your students registration, therefore you must register at least one school day prior to the day in which you would like for your student to attend. Registration for 2024-25 school year will open July 1,2024! 

Students MUST be registered by July 30th, in order to attend on the first day of school. 

When we approve your students registration, your card will be charged the registration fee ($15 for BSP, $20 for ASP, or $35 if you are registering for both programs) at that time. Once you are registered, your child may attend BSP or ASP any time* for the remainder of the school year. 

*Please remember any transportation changes must be communicated to the school by 2:30pm each day.

Program Registration Fees

Before School Program: $15 per student 

After School Program: $20 per student 

After & Before School Program: $35 per student 

Re-Installment Fee for Non-Payment: $45 per student 

               REGISTER NOW!!!

ASP for Conference Week  

Marietta City Schools schedule parent-teacher conferences from October 14-18, 2024, for elementary schools and from October 21-25, 2024, for MCAA. During the week of parent-teacher conferences students are dismissed from school at 1:15pm (2 hours earlier).During conference week, parents who want their children to attend the after-school program must complete a SEPERATE registration specific to Conference Week, with tuition set at $75 for the entire week.

Registration for the After-School Program during Conference Week will open on September 1, 2024.


BSP: $5 per morning per student 

ASP: $10 per afternoon per student 


 BSP: $6 per morning per student 


ASP: $9 per afternoon per student. 

(MCAA only)

*Please note you are ONLY charged for days in which your student attends the program

BSP: 6:30am-8:00am

ASP: 3:00pm-6:30pm*

ELC Hours: 

BSP: 6:45am-7:30

ASP: 2:05pm-6:00pm*

*$2 per minute late pick-up fee; after three late pick ups students are removed from the ASP program for the remainder of the school year

Each school has a different pick up and drop off location. Please visit your school's ASP page here, to find out where the drop off and pick up locations are!

Click here to make a payment on your account. You can review our Billing Policy here. Questions regarding your invoice, please contact Daphne Richardson at 678-919-4494 or 

If you're interested in using CAPS for ASP/BSP, you can find frequently asked questions, Provider ID numbers, and much more here