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Registration is Now Open!

Marietta Community School is proud to offer a variety of enrichment classes for students after the school day has ended. These classes are fun, hands-on, and educational. Our enrichment courses are designed to reinforce the skills and knowledge your child needs to become a successful student both inside and outside of the classroom!

Enrichment classes are typically 1 hour long, and allow students enough time to explore an interest and develop a skills over a 12-week course. 

As a courtesy, families are charged only half the tuition at the time of registration and the remaining half of the tuition on March 4, 2024.  Registration is 12-week commitment and both payments are required.


Fall 2024 Enrichment Dates

Fall Enrichment will take place from August 18, 2024 to November 22, 2024.

Each class will take place from 3:15 PM - 4:15 PM

Please be mindful that there will be no Enrichment during Holiday Breaks or Conference Week.

Fall 2024 Enrichment Courses

Registration for Spring 2024 Enrichment courses are now open for all of the courses listed below. For more information about each, please look below to see if our courses would be a great fit for your student!

Feel free to click on the photos to find out more information about specific courses!

Registration will remain open until August 11, 2024. 

SSA Soccer

SSA is a Soccer Organization with an annual membership of over 9,000 kids in the state of Georgia. Our Central Branch will be offering an after school program with Marietta City Schools and participants will receive coaching and guidance from professionally licensed coaches.

SSA After School Soccer sessions are for ALL players! The sessions will be for all grades boys and girls no matter the skill level. Our sessions are for players who are looking for extra exercise, players who have never played soccer before, players who play soccer recreationally and also players who play at the academy level. If you sign up to our program your son or daughter will have fun, learn the fundamentals of soccer, develop your skills in soccer but also learn skills for everyday life too!

Register Here



Taekwondo is a fun way for children to get fit and to learn focus, discipline, respect, perseverance, and self-defense skills. Students who take our program are often able to focus on school work better, and their improved confidence and skills help them deal with difficult social situations, such as getting bullied. Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that focuses on kicks, and our instructors are passionate about helping every student do their best to reach their potential. Our program focuses on TKD basics, as well as general fitness.

Register Here


Pick-Up Registration

All students will go straight to their designated pick-up spot at their school once they are dismissed from their classes. When classes end, students will need to be picked up 4:15 PM.  Students who are not picked up by 4:20 will be taken to ASP and charged the daily rate for this program. 

The Pick-Up Location for Enrichment will be the Front Door of the School located outside of the Main Office. Students will be dismissed from the door as each parent and/or guardian arrives with the designated Pick-Up passes (will be missed on Day 1). 

If you prefer not to pick up your child, or an emergency arises, you are welcome to use the After School Program for your student. For more information on ASP, please click the link below to find out more information & registration. 

*Please note that if you plan to use the After School Program at any point during the year, your child MUST be registered. It is recommended that you register even if you do not plan to use it just in case an issue ever arises.*