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Kimberly Custance  

Tamara Roper

Driver's Education Specialist

  • Course Information
  • Road Testing
  • GDEC Scholarships
  • Staffing Questions

Gabby Hattersley

Driver’s Education Registrar

  • Course Information
  • Certificates
  • Registration Questions

Daphne Richardson

  • ASP/BSP Online Card Payments
  • ASP/BSP In person Cash Payments (368 Wright Street)
  • ASP/BSP Removals for Non-Payment
  • Re-enrollment for ASP/BSP after removal for non-payment
  • CAPS Scholarships

Delores Wiley

Before/After School Programs and Camps

  • Assist with ASP/BSP Registration
  • Staffing Questions
  • Program Questions & Concerns
  • Assistance with enrolling for Holiday Camps
  • Summer Camp in the City questions
  • ASP/BSP Concerns or Feedback
  • Facility information that impacts ASP/BSP

Courtney morrel

Enrichment Coordinator

  • Employee Childcare Camp
  • Enrichment Classes (Chess, Cheer, Soccer, etc.)
  • Pop Up Enrichment
  • Conference Week Enrichment