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CAPS Questions and Answers

what is caps?

The CAPS program is Government subsidy for childcare. It supports early education goals by assisting low income families with the cost of child care while they work, go to school or training, or participate in other work-related activities.  Those who qualify for CAPS can use it towards ASP/BSP and Camp Programs within Marietta City Schools!

CAPS is administered by the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning

The purpose of CAPS is threefold:

Provide access to high-quality and affordable early-learning environments for families who are considered low-income.

Support DECAL's efforts in increasing positive school readiness outcomes.

Assist families in achieving and maintaining self-sufficiency by providing financial supports for childcare costs.

How do I qualify for CAPS?

Parents are able to go online to to see if they are eligible for the program.

*Marietta City School does not determine your eligibility. Acceptance into the CAPS program is based on specific qualifiers determined by CAPS*

ASP/BSP and Camp Programs

If you have been approved for CAPS and you have received a CAPS scholarship please email your scholarship to Delores Wiley, After you have emailed your scholarship, it can take up to 5 business days before the change is reflected on your ASP/BSP account. Please note that parents/guardians are financially responsible for their student's tuition if they are denied from CAPS. Parents are still responsible for the Parental Obligation.

If your CAPS scholarship expires before the end of the school year, parents are responsible for renewing before the scholarship expires or they become financially responsible for their student's tuition. 

Provider Rate Sheets by School

As of October 14th, 2022, CAPS has notified us that they are no longer accepting provider rate sheets. Instead, CAPS only requires the Provider ID number for the school where your student needs care. Please click here to retrieve your student school's Provider ID number. Please be mindful that if you would like your student to have two scholarships, one for After School/ Before School Program and another for Holiday Camp, parents must submit two provider numbers since services are occurring at two different facilities.