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Pope High School
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About Pope High School

Pope High School is located at 3001 Hembree Road, Marietta, GA 30062

COST: $499

Course Breakdown:

  • 30-Hours of Classroom Instruction
  • 6-Hours of In-Car Instruction
  • ADAP (Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program)

This course meets Joshua's Law requirements, and qualifies families for a minimum 10% reduction in their insurance premiums. (Georgia Code O.C.G.A. 33-9-42).

After completing the 30-hour class, students with a learner’s permit on file, are placed in queue for assignment to a driver training instructor. Students are assigned to an instructor in the order of class completion. The in-car instruction takes place a few weeks after finishing the 30-Hour class and is broken down into (3) 2-hour sessions. Students will receive one-on-one instruction using one of our specially equipped driver’s ed vehicles.

The in-car instruction is conducted from our main car lot at Marietta Sixth Grade Academy located at 340 Aviation Road, Marietta, GA 30064.

TIP: To maximize the effectiveness of in-car instruction, we recommend your student practice driving as much as possible, before driving with our instructors. This will ensure that they can make the most of their driving lessons.

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