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Invoice Questions: 

Please review our Invoice policy here.

BSP: $5 per morning per student

ASP: $10 per afternoon per student

*Please note you are ONLY charged for days in which your student attends the program.* 

Program Hours:

BSP: 6:30am-8:00am

ASP: 3:30pm-6:30pm

$2 per minute late pick-up fee

Drop Off/Pick-Up:

BSP: To access the BSP drop off location, please enter the school on the Polk Street side. You will park by the playground, and will need to walk your student to the door outside of the cafeteria. Please use the Ring Doorbell, and the site supervisor will come to open the door. Please note you are required to sign your student in. You can not send your student inside without an adult. 

ASP: To access the ASP pick-up location, please use the carpool loop along the Maple Avenue side. The ASP pick-up will be at the entrance of the second hallway (1st grade hallway).

Get in Touch 

West Side Elementary

344 Polk Street                                 

Marietta, GA 30064

P: (404) 729-1178

*Please note that the ASP/BSP phone is only monitored during program hours.*