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Cynthia Henley
A.L. Burruss ASP/BSP

This is Mrs. Henley's fifth year in the ASP/BSP program. In addition to her position with the ASP/BSP program, Mrs. Henley works as a lunch room monitor at West Side Elementary. Mrs. Henley enjoys spending time with her husband and son, hiking, bike riding, and traveling.

Warren King
A.L. Burruss ASP

Mr. King has worked with the ASP/BSP program at A.L. Burruss for five years. When he’s not there, you’ll find him further up Manning Road teaching history at Marietta High School. Mr. King has worked with Marietta City Schools for 14 years. During his down time, he enjoys traveling with his family and learning new facts about history.

Cynthia Tapia
Dunleith BSP

Since 2014, Ms. Tapia has worked with the ASP/BSP program. She has worked at Dunleith Elementary for 20 years, currently as a records clerk. When she’s not working, Ms. Tapia is happily married with one daughter. When Ms. Tapia isn’t working, she enjoys reading, traveling, and shopping.

Rhonda Staley-Harrison
Dunleith ASP & ELC BSP

Ms. Rhonda has been an ASP/BSP supervisor for two years. Her favorite part about the job is engaging with the students and helping them overcome challenges. She currently works at the Emily Lembeck Early Learning Center and has worked for Marietta City Schools for six years. She has one son who is a freshman in college, and a daughter who recently graduated with her MBA. Ms. Rhonda enjoys spending time with her kids, cooking, and creating assorted keepsakes.

Gabrielle Hattersley

Ms. Hattersley has worked with the ASP/BSP program since 2018! She recently became a supervisor for the ASP program at the Emily Lembeck Early Learning Center. The Marietta High School graduate spent enjoys shopping, hiking, and bowling.

Annie Acree
Hickory Hills BSP

A married mother of four and a grandmother of three, Mrs. Acree has worked with the ASP/BSP program for more than three years. When she’s not doing that, the United States Army veteran is working as a kindergarten paraprofessional at Hickory Hills Elementary. You’ll find Mrs. Acree watching movies, sewing, and relaxing on the beach on her free time.

Taylor Whalen
Hickory Hills ASP

This is Mr. Whalen’s first year working with the ASP/BSP program. He has worked with children for more than 15 years in many capacities! After graduating from the University of Georgia, this Dawg went to Denver, Colorado to pursue and complete a law degree from the University of Denver. Mr. Whalen couldn’t get over his homesickness and came back to Marietta to chase his dreams.

Eric Blount
Lockheed ASP/BSP

Mr. Blount has worked with the ASP/BSP program in many capacities for six years. When he’s not working, you’ll find him reading, traveling, and listening to music.

Tabaris Hooks

This Marietta Sixth Grade Academy paraprofessional has worked with the ASP/BSP program and Marietta City Schools for nine years. Happily married for seven years, he and his wife have to wonderful boys, Tabari and Tayden. When he’s not hanging out with his family, Mr. Hooks enjoys watching ESPN, playing tennis and basketball, and reading.

Courtney Morrel
Park Street ASP

This is Ms. Morrel’s first year with the ASP/BSP program. She has worked in several capacities at Marietta City Schools, currently tutoring students at MCAA. Ms. Morrel has one son and two daughters. She enjoys reading mysteries, hiking and watching sports in her free time.

Miriam Thompson
Park Street BSP

Ms. Thompson has worked with the ASP/BSP program since 2008. After graduating from the University of Puerto Rico, Ms. Thompson began teaching in Houston. After three years in Texas, she moved to Georgia and began teaching at Park Street. When she's not in the classroom, you'll find her dancing, hiking, and enjoying time with friends.

Jatziry Bassery
Sawyer Road ASP

Mrs. Bassery has worked with the ASP/BSP program for eight years, two of them as a supervisor. She has worked eight of her 13 years with Marietta City Schools at Sawyer Road as paraprofessional. Mrs. Bassery is happily married with a brand new baby girl, Bella Rose. You’ll find Mrs. Bassery playing board games, crafting and traveling to Walt Disney World once a year.

Ashley Brown
Sawyer Road BSP

Ms. Brown is in her third year with the ASP/BSP program. She attended A.L. Burruss, MCAA, and graduated from Marietta High School. When Ms. Brown isn’t working, you’ll find her hanging out with friends and watching baseball!

Tykela Edwards (Kela)
West Side ASP

Tykela has been working with the ASP/BSP program for a little more than a year. The 2014 Marietta High School graduate has worked with Marietta City Schools since September 2019. The Army veteran enjoys staying active on the hiking trails with her German Shephard puppy. When it’s time to relax, you’ll find her singing or playing video games.

Karen Sudduth
West Side BSP

Ms. Sudduth has worked at West Side Elementary since 1995, presently assisting in the Learning Commons. She has worked as an ASP/BSP supervisor since Fall 2004. Happily married with two sons, Ms. Sudduth enjoys hanging out with her family, reading historical fiction, and spending lazy days in her yard.