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  • Harrison High School (9/26/22 - 9/29/22)

    Upon picking a session, a parent/guardian will need to set up an account to process the student’s registration. THE PARENT/GUARDIAN MUST BE THE MAIN ACCOUNT HOLDER! After creating the account, you will need to add your student to the account. To do this, click on the "ADD RELATIONSHIP" button within the account to add your student's info. Once you have added your student’s info, you can register your student for the session. If you do not do this, the system will not allow you to register your student and may prompt an error that states “your student is too young or too old.” NOTE: Your student will need to bring a laptop that can access WiFi each day in this course. If your student does not have a device to bring to this class, please notify tour office at as we may be able to provide a device for your student to use each day while in class.