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  • Marietta Community School

    To register your student for class, a parent or guardian account must first be created. Once the parental account is created the student's information can then be added by using the “Add Relationship” button. After the student’s information has been added, the parent may select the student to attend the desired course. If the student's information is not selected, the system may not allow for registration or may prompt an error message. NOTE: Students are required to bring a Wi-Fi enabled laptop to class each day. If your student does not have a device to bring to class, please let our office know at We may be able to provide a device for use during class. Applicants for the Georgia Driver Education Commission (GDEC) Scholarship If you have applied for the GDEC Scholarship but have not yet been awarded, it's best to wait until you have received notification of your award status. Refunds cannot be issued if you purchase this course and are later awarded the scholarship. Awarded a Scholarship If you have been awarded a scholarship, create both the parent and student account as described above. Select the desired course to load your cart. Once the cart has been loaded. You may log out of the system and then email to complete course registration.