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  • Child and Babysitting Safety with CPR Certification

    Join us for a fun filled adventure into the world of Babysitting. We will learn about setting up your business, including how much you should get paid. Learn about safety for yourself and the children you care for. We will also work on your magic bag of crafts, books and other essentials you should bring. We will address what information you will need to have about the children, emergency numbers and contacts. We will do lots of hands on activities: diaper changing, baby feeding, bath time, bed time, and CPR certification! THIS CLASS IS OPEN TO HOMESCHOOL STUDENTS.
  • Money Management for Teens

    Navigating the financial side of being an adult is not easy. Often, parents can't provide proper training to their children because they never had it themselves. Money issues not only impact one's finances, it can play a major role in stress, relationship problems and can lower one's self confidence. Marietta school's young adult financial literacy program is designed to educate and inform middle school, high school and college students about various money topics including: Paying for college Handling credit and understanding credit scores Buying a car Creating a Budget Your first job Taxes