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Marietta/Cobb Driver's Ed Online Course

MCDE 30/6 Program Options / Online Course Option / Student Paced -


As the 30-hour online course is self-taught, the student can work at his/her own pace and availability ensuring he/she is truly understanding and internalizing the information. The student will have up to 6 months to complete the course and will not be confined to a predetermined schedule. Please know that the student must be able to work independently and have strong attention, self-direction and test taking skills as well as, possess academic readiness and an understanding of technology to successfully complete this class.

The students MUST successfully pass all Unit Tests and the Final Exam WITHIN three attempts to receive a passing score for this class. If the student fails to pass a Unit Test or the Final Exam, within the allotted attempts, he/she will fail the class. If the student fails the online class, he/she may purchase a new 30-hour online class, or attend a future in-person class, at a discounted rate, for a second attempt to successfully complete the 30-hour class.

This course will require a minimum of 30 hours of "seat" time. This class is comprised of 10 Units and a Final Exam. Each component has an allotted time attached to its learning objective. The student must spend, at minimum, the allotted time in each objective before he/she is able to move into the next objective. Please know that even though the class has a minimum requirement of 30 hours, it is possible the student may spend upwards of 40-45 hours within the class depending on student's interest and understanding of objectives.

REMINDER: The online class does not include the Alcohol & Drug Awareness Program (ADAP). If your student is in need of the ADAP course, go to to sign up for the ADAP free-of-charge.

Once the student begins the 30-hour online class, he/she will be added to our queue to await assignment to a instructor for the 6-hour Behind-the-Wheel portion of instruction. Once the student is assigned, his/her instructor will contact the parent/guardian directly to schedule the three 2-hour behind-the-wheel sessions.

NOTE: Upon picking a session, a parent/guardian will need to set up an account to process the student’s registration. THE PARENT/GUARDIAN MUST BE THE MAIN ACCOUNT HOLDER! After creating the account, you will need to add your student to the account. To do this, click on the "ADD RELATIONSHIP" button within the account to add your student's info. Once you have added your student’s info, you can register your student for the session. If you do not do this, the system will not allow you to register your student and may prompt an error that states “your student is too young or too old.”

Min Age   15 yr.

$ 479.00
Online Course Package