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Summer Camp in the City 2024 Camp Schedules

Ready to have FUN?!

Ready to see what type of fun your camper will  have this summer? Take a look at our weekly schedule.

The monthly schedule allows you to see what big attraction is coming to camp that day, and what team will get to participate  that day! Even if you don't see your campers team on a specific day, please know campers are always having fun on campus with arts and crafts, Teacher Led Activities, recreational gym games and much more!

Please know all schedules are subject to change! 

Week One: WOW (Week of Welcome)

In Week One of Summer Camp, get ready for a whirlwind of team building fun, camp socials, and a whole lot more to break the ice with your fellow campers!

Campers will finish off the week with a field trip to the Booth Western Museum on Friday. 

Week Two: Lights, Camera, Action 

Get ready for an epic Week Two at Summer Camp in the City! Brace yourself for thrilling themed days that will unleash a wave of creativity in all our campers. The grand finale?

A Friday field trip to the Chick-fil-A Backstage Tour (A1-B5) and the High Museum of Art (B6-C9).

Let the adventure begin!

Week Three: STEAM Week 

In Week Three of Summer Camp, gear up to unleash your inner engineer! Get ready for a whirlwind of Artportunity Knocks fun and Teacher Lead Activities.

 And hey, don't forget the grand finale on Friday - a field trip to the High Museum of Art (A1-B5) and the Chick-fil-A Backstage Tour (B6-C9)!

Week Four: Spirit Week

In Week Four of Summer Camp, get ready for a blast with themed days that will rock your socks off! And the cherry on top?

A Friday field trip to Catch Air (A Team)& Sparkles (B & C Team) awaits!

Week Five: Olympian Week

Our Admin team is planning a week full of fun games fit for an Olympian. The schedule for this week will be up by April 1st! 

At the end of the week all campers will enjoy a fun field trip the College Football Hall of Fame.

Week Six: Summer Fun

During the last week of Summer Camp, all campers will get to participate in summer fun with Boy Scouts of America. The week will be filled with two water days, and a camp carnival day. Students will also get to participate in a Talent Show! 

On Thursday students will enjoy a field trip to NCG Cinema to watch Despicable Me 4!