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About MCAA STEM Camps

These STEM camps are guaranteed to entertain and challenge your child over the summer! These camps are for upcoming 3-5 MCAA students only.

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  • Farm to Table STEM Camp

    Bring your student’s curious mind back to the source of the ingredients: land, soil, seeds. Campers will explore how to grow and cook farm-fresh meals from the ground up using ingredients that are grown in backyard and local gardens. Students will learn how to create beds to grow herbs, fruits, and veggies so that they can recreate these recipes at your home! While at camp, students will help restore our gardens, work to weed and replace as needed, while also working to ensure that our plants attract local pollinators, such as bees and birds, to keep our gardens thriving! Students will engage in the engineering design process as they construct a bee or bird bath to be placed in the gardens. Students will take home a mini herb garden and a set of recipes to try at home! After getting their hands dirty, kids will wash up and commence creating and cooking. Nothing tastes better than a meal or snack that is freshly harvested out of the ground!  Campers must be upcoming 3-5 grade MCAA students.