Tai Chi for the Experienced

Tai Chi 2 is for students who have achieved an understanding of the basic Tai Chi positions and would like to advance their skills by training in the Sun style of Tai Chi. The Sun style is comprised of several 24 movement forms. In depth training will focus on learning controlled movements while gently guiding the mind and body into a more relaxed state. Increased emphasis will be placed on Tai Chi benefits of stress reduction, improved balance and flexibility and increased mental awareness. This class introduces QiGong which includes techniques to obtain mental clarity and exercises that develop an overall stronger body. Based upon class progress the traditional Yang style 24 movements may also be introduced.

This practice is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.  

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  Jay Gentry

Marietta Community School
Tue/Thu, Jan 15 - Mar 7
7:00 - 8:00 PM

  No Class Feb 19 & Feb 21


Price: $ 145 00

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